Tag: Mousechett


  • Veira

    Veira used to have a leadership position in [[Grasslake | Grasslake's]] city watch. She used to believe towns should defend themselves, but after a badger attack on grasslake while expecting a son, she has started to believe the mouse territories should …

  • Abram

    Abram is [[:mousechett | Mousechett's]] father. He is one of the potters of [[Grasslake | Grasslake]]. Belief: the kiln is what separates mice from animals. Instinct: always save some for the winter.

  • Mousechett

    Mousechett grew up in [[Grasslake | Grasslake]], where his mother[[:veira | Veira]] was an officer in the city watch. he grew up around the watch and learnt how a military force is organised. His father [[:abram | Abram]] taught him the art of pottery …