The town of Grasslake is a network of dwellings
built into the twisted, exposed roots of trees
along the bank of Grass Lake. While remote, the
location is idyllic.
The facades of the dwellings were constructed
at different times by different builders. They all
connect inside with adjoining doors, tunnels,
stairways, and passages.
Since Grasslake is so close to the eastern scent
border into Wild Country, the city’s resident
often have to deal with major predators. In the
past, they have banded together to overcome
massive beasts that make their way into the
Territories or emerge from the lake’s depths.
Grasslake trades with Burl by a ship route. And
while they are close to Wolfepointe, Grasslake
mice tend not to associate with mice from that
area. They view them as “lawless savages.”

Two leaders, one male and one female, are
selected by the former two leaders. They each
hold one of three “votes” for town decisions.
The popular opinion of the townsmice makes
up the third.

Major Trades:
Harvesting, fishing (for predator bait), weaving
and pottery.

Grasslake imports metal goods and vegetables.
It exports grains, clay, pottery and textiles.



Mousechett grew up here, and his parents Abram and Veira live here.


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