Syndicate/345 Mouse Guard

Patrol 1

The Lonepine connection.

The patrol, consiting of  Mousechett, Silver, and James, were ordered to deliver a satchel of important documents to Lonepine. They set out to Darkwater but had trouble following the trail. When it started raining, they tried finding shelter, but failed. When they finally arrived in Darkwater, Silver was tired from the long walk. There was no time for delay however, so they simply passed by Darkwater.

On the way to Lonepine they came across a small stream formed by rainwater. There was an argument over how to procede; mousechett argued they should cross the stream by walking across a log that had fallen over it, but silver, hoping to prove his usefulness to his patrolmates, wanted to fashion a boat to ride down the stream. James argued in favor of Silver and managed to convince Mousechett to use the boat.  Using the boat, they arrived in Lonepine safely.

Upon their arrival, they came across a kerfuffle; a wounded guardmouse was being tended to by another guardmouse, and two more guardsmice were running off after a trio of unidentified mice. Mousechett, Silver, and James ran after them, and found them getting ready for a fight in a nearby thicket. Mousechett ordered everyone to stand down, and the guardsmice explained the trio were vile bandits, coming after Lonepine's supplies. The other mouse patrol was led by Leird.

Taking a break while the city watch processed the captured bandits, Silver tried to craft some umbrellas for the next trip, but failed. Mousechett tried to teach the citywatch a few tricks to keep the storage safe, but was unsuccessful. James meanwhile, made a new friend in the other guard patrol. 


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