Syndicate/345 Mouse Guard

Patrol 3

The Marten's Lair

After much preparation throughout the night, the mouseguard patrol assembled with Townskeeper Cole and Militia Captain 'Nutroast' in Lonepine's square. Dozens of mice were roused by Mousechett's unconventional speech, involving the jittery teen scout Parcyl, and then marched out into the fog-ridden morning to face the lurid, hidden Pine Marten. The party narrowly managed to find their way through the bushy thicket, into the canopy-lacking trees where the bandits – and the Marten – had their lair.

Eira managed to convince the bandits to renounce their pact with the Pine Marten, with the passive assistance of a battle line of militia mice. James, eager to mete out justice, threw himself right into the hole that the Marten had made its home. The near sixty strong force, bandits, mouseguard and militia all included, ended the battle swiftly by swarming the rudely awakened beast. Its life was finally taken by a heart attack, brought on by James relentlessly jabbing his blade into the Marten's only good eye. For this, he was nicknamed "Eyeshanker" by the Lonepine Mice. He managed to retrieve a canine from its gaping jaws, and celebrated together with Eira and Mousechett as the saviours of Lonepine.


What happened to the transient bandit mice is unknown. Perhaps they were integrated into the home they were denied before, or shunted into the wilderness a second time.


sith1144 Kaldrien

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